Test for Family Members of Gamblers

1. I can’t help but think about the gambling issues of my family member constantly.

2. I feel regretted if I do not help the gambling family member.

3. I feel nervous and have sleeping issue because of the gambling family member.

4. I often pay for the family member on gambling matters and debts.

5. I often lie to cover the gambling issue of my family member.

6. I often feel lonely, anxious, insecure and angry.

7. I often feel that the gambling matter of my family member is much more important than me myself.

8. I often emotionally disturbed by the gambling family member’s behaviour and emotion.

9. I feel embarrassed and shameful by the gambling issue of my family member and avoid social activities.

10. I am aware of unpleasant body sensations, including feeling nauseous, stomache, headache, trembling, sweaty hands, finger biting, etc.